A Subdued Celebration of Life: When a Traditional Funeral Feels Like a Wrong Fit

The music world went into mourning in January 2016 when David Bowie passed away. There were public outpourings of grief, with Bowie's former home in Berlin temporarily becoming a shrine as fans deposited masses of flowers on the street and stood around in quiet reflection. While there were many impromptu memorial services, Bowie's own wishes for his passing were far more subdued. He stipulated that his body was to be privately cremated with no family or friends present.

Three Ways Of Creating A Lasting Monument To A Loved One

Commemorating a loved one can be difficult, as it's easy to feel that nothing is a good enough memorial. However, there are ways to set up a permanent, meaningful memorial to them, as explained in this short article. Whether you want an ornate headstone or a large charity donation, there's a commemorative option for you. Consider A Memorial In Their Favourite Place A memorial doesn't have to be in a cemetery or crematorium – you can have a memorial bench or plaque wherever you like, within reason.

Preserving Memories: a Guide to Cemetery Care

When a loved one passes, there's little that can provide comfort—but one of few things that may help is visiting their resting place. Whether the stone commemorating their life is a simple marker or a grandiose one, you can feel at peace spending a little time there. However, because these markers form part of a natural environment, they do require some maintenance to keep them in good condition. The same can be said of older monuments for ancestors you never had the pleasure to meet.