3 Cremation Service Options from a Reputable a Funeral Home

Recent research affirms that between 56% and 70% of deaths in Australia today involve cremation. Cremation is a process that reduces the deceased's body to bone fragments. Certain machinery options are then used to reduce the bone fragments into ashes or cremated remains. Having a professional cremation service won't just fulfil the deceased's wishes, but it will also make your work easier in many ways. Cremation has different service options for families depending on the wishes and needs of the deceased or their family members. Do you know some of the cremation service options available to you? Read on.

Immediate Cremation Service

With immediate cremation service, the body is disposed of directly after death and the memorial service is planned at a later date. Most funeral homes organise a private viewing during an immediate cremation service depending on what the family members suggest. The viewing time determines whether the cremation expert will embalm the body or not. Embalming isn't necessary if you opt to view the body shortly after death. However, most funeral homes encourage embalming if body viewing will take place after several hours.

Complete Cremation Service

This service has a lot in common with a traditional funeral. However, there is no casketed burial after the service and the body is cremated. The funeral home provides a cremation casket to make viewing easy. Most funeral homes have modern rental caskets that make the cremation more efficient. Once the funeral home has conducted the viewing, service and cremation process, the family can scatter or bury the cremation remains or take them to a close relative for safekeeping.

Direct Cremation

With direct cremation, a funeral home takes the body and prepares it for cremation without a funeral, wake, visitation or viewing. It's a great option for friends and family that intend to have a memorial service later. You won't worry about the grave liner, burial plot, headstone, transportation, visitation, body preparing, embalming and casket fees if you choose direct cremation. Funeral homes organise all the crematorium paperwork involved during direct cremation and ensure that the process meets all the expectations of the deceased's family.

It's possible to have a smooth and satisfying cremation service if you leave the process to a trusted funeral home. Cremation can be overwhelming for a family that doesn't have a funeral home to organise the process for them. Funeral homes that have been in the industry for a while now will guide you on what to do with cremation remains if you don't have an appropriate idea in your mind.