Finding Peace in Nature: Green Burials and Eco-Friendly Funeral Homes

Green burials and eco-friendly funeral homes have emerged as alternatives that help to prioritise both the natural world and the memory of the departed. This article explores the concept of green burials and highlights the features of eco-friendly funeral homes, offering a glimpse into a more harmonious approach to honouring life and the environment. What Are Green Burials? Green burials provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial practices. Unlike conventional burials that involve embalming, elaborate caskets and burial vaults, green burials focus on returning the remains to the earth in its most natural form.

Funeral Planning: Three Tips for Preparing for a Cremation Service

If you are in charge of planning a funeral service, discuss the possibility of choosing a cremation with your loved ones. Cremation is the ideal choice when looking for a low-cost but dignified send-off for a deceased family member or friend. Usually, cremation will not demand the expenses of embalming, purchasing a coffin and getting a burial plot. Moreover, the ashes can be scattered in a meaningful place or even divided among family members for remembrance.

A Guide on Planning Asian Funerals

It is not uncommon for families to overlook the services of a funeral director when holding an Asian funeral. However, the director's services can significantly ease the planning and execution services. Below are the benefits of hiring a funeral director as you plan an Asian funeral.  Establish Cultural Rights The principle when holding an Asian funeral is ensuring you prioritise the cultural beliefs of your loved one. In some cases, you may not be acquainted with these cultural and religious practices if you do not practice the culture or religion.

Three Ways Cremation Directors Help with Funeral Arrangement

Arranging a conventional funeral ceremony for a deceased loved one is not easy. It is even more challenging if the deceased's last wishes were to be cremated. Although cremation is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional funerals, most people are caught flat-footed when their loved one opts for cremation upon death. Notably, you should talk to a cremation director to help you arrange a funeral service for a loved one.

What Happens When a Loved One Dies at a Nursing Home?

Those who have an elderly parent or grandparent in a nursing home or aged care facility will be aware of the fact that one day they'll receive a distressing phone call. Your loved one's advanced age, often coupled with deteriorating health, means it's likely that their death will occur at the nursing home. What happens next? You Will Be Contacted If you're listed as the contact person for your loved one, a representative from the nursing home will contact you with the sad news.