A Guide on Planning Asian Funerals

It is not uncommon for families to overlook the services of a funeral director when holding an Asian funeral. However, the director's services can significantly ease the planning and execution services. Below are the benefits of hiring a funeral director as you plan an Asian funeral

Establish Cultural Rights

The principle when holding an Asian funeral is ensuring you prioritise the cultural beliefs of your loved one. In some cases, you may not be acquainted with these cultural and religious practices if you do not practice the culture or religion. A funeral director is best suited to familiarise family members with Asian funeral traditions. Typically, experienced directors may have organised similar funerals. Moreover, they could belong to associations or have partnerships that offer training on how to conduct Asian funerals. 

Making Funeral Arrangements 

A challenge families face when making funeral arrangements is that most members are in mourning. This prevents them from making rational and timely decisions as they plan the funeral. On the contrary, funeral directors are not affiliated with the family. Besides, they understand every aspect of the funeral planning process. The professional assists with the following; 

  • Choosing an appropriate funeral home for your loved one.
  • Helping you make arrangements regarding cremation and ground burials. For instance, they will explain the different options to ensure you make an informed decision.
  • Providing ash handling solutions if you opt to cremate your loved one. For example, the director could help you secure an appropriate urn to store the ashes or contract professionals to use the ashes to make family heirlooms.
  • The director will help you apply for burial permits and lease a burial plot at the local cemetery.
  • The director budgets for the funeral to ensure the family has sufficient time to raise funds to raise their loved one to rest.
  • If the deceased had a funeral plan, the director follows up with the policy provider to ensure the plan offsets the budget. 

Creating the Funeral Program

The funeral program details the activities the family needs to undertake from the date of death to when they lay their loved one to rest. The funeral director creates this guide to prevent oversights that could prevent the execution of the funeral. For example, they could pre-order flowers, incense, and oils needed to conduct cultural rights on the body before the burial. Besides, the director liaises with religious leaders required to officiate the funeral ceremony. Moreover, the director offers essential event equipment such as tents, sound systems, and lighting. The professional helps the family organise wakes and acts as the point person during the funeral ceremony.